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New star games forum

new star games forum

Forum and #NSS5 server are back. Sorry about that. Learnt a valuable lesson - don't mess with server functions that you don't understand.:P. I can't load the game,why??? TimeToHunt. 0. Oct 9, @ am. Formatted computer. ♧☻♤ MaD CLoWn ♤☻♧. 0. Oct 4, @ am. Remembering. Welcome to New Star Soccer, The best football game on mobile and tablets. (Eurogamer). The soccer game acclaimed and adored by players  New Star Cricket (by New Star Games). Privacy Policy Ad Choice Terms of Use Help Advertise Partnerships Careers More Sites giantbomb. Golden Abyss Wipeout Create your alter ego and make your way through the leagues to International glory! Your name or email address: All users, including unregistered guests. Posts Threads Forums Series Members Products. New messages in this thread No new messages in this thread Floating thread with new messages always stays on professor spiele Floating futbol spiele with no new messages always stays on top.


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Brilliant so far and a bargain for 69p think ill be buying the weather and stadium pack pretty soon just because it was so cheap: Safe to assume it will be iOS specific only? If you want to speed up things, and grind your way up to maxing your stats in your first two seasons, though, and be an year-old titan, then hey, I imagine there are people willing to buy them in bulk In all fairness, I haven't ever thought "man, I would need more drinks than the ones I can afford" - I just thought "ok, let me balance this out". The PC version of NSS5 on Steam got no support. Thread title From Last replied Now searching Forum Information Welcome to the New Star Soccer forum!


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