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Backgammon start board

backgammon start board

Bearing Off Against Opposition In Your Home Board. Bearing In Safely Against Opposition. Backgammon For Beginners - Part II (opens new page). The Start. A basic game of backgammon is easy to set up, but it helps to understand the layout of the board and all of its parts before you start laying out your checkers. How to play backgammon. How to set up a backgammon board. Starting position. Object of the game. Scoring in backgammon. Doubling cube. Gammons and. backgammon start board When you have finished set up the backgammon start board in Diagram 6 as often as necessary and practice bearing in and off until you are confident with bearing in and off against opposition. Diese kann man auch als Backgammon-Variationen bezeichnen. Bearing Off Against Opposition In Your Home Casino 1995. Both dice must land completely flat on the right-hand side of the gameboard. Each side of the board has a track of 12 long triangles, called points. It's not always possible to do so, but, often, with a little forethought you can considerably reduce the chances of doing so. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2.


Beginner Backgammon Tutorial - 1 - Setting up the Board


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